Funding and Support

Prison of Peace has been a pro bono project, provided by Kaufer and Noll. Each training cycle takes 84 hours per trainer or 168 professional hours. In addition, travel time and administrative time adds 192 professional hours per training cycle. In 2010, Kaufer and Noll donated over 1,080 professional hours into the project in addition to providing necessary funding, from their own resources, for expenses not covered by grants.

To offset some of these costs, the inmates at VSPW raised and donated $1,131.01 to Kaufer and Noll. Considering that the women earn 21 cents per hour of which 2/3rds is transferred to the California Victims’ Compensation Fund, this is a significant donation.

Because of the rapid expansion of the project in 2013, Doug has decided to devote all proceeds from his on-line advanced legal negotiation course, Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro to supporting the Prison of Peace project. Doug and Laurel are inviting all attorneys and others interested in advanced legal negotiation training to purchase the course, obtain 9 hours of MCLE credit, and support Prison of Peace. Click here for more information about the course.

Initial EPSS training in 2010 was generously provided by Jim Forkner, of San Francisco, CA, Stacey Marcel, of New Orleans, LA, and Barbara “Zellda” Zelly, of Cleveland, OH, not only traveling to VSPW to lend their expertise, but covering all their expenses in doing so. They were amazing, and we are grateful for their assistance in starting the project.

Ridge Associates has graciously donated copies of “People Skills” books for use in the project as we have needed them.

Prison of Peace has received funding from the following organizations:

  • The Fresno Regional Foundation , $500 (Grant, 2010)
  • Open Meadows Foundation: $1,000 (Grant, 2010)
  • Topfer Family Foundation/Bonnie Topfer Vozar: $5,000 (Gift, 2010)
  • Ridge Associates: $3,000 (Gift, 2010)
  • Southern California Mediation Association Foundation: $1,400 (Grant, 2011)
  • American College of Civil Trial Mediators: $4,000 (Grant, 2011)
  • The JAMS Foundation: $10,000 (Grant, 2011)
  • The JAMS Foundation: $10,000 (Grant, 2012)
  • The Eastman Foundation: $2,000 (Grant, 2011)
  • Thank you to the following individuals who have also made financial contributions:

  • Stacy D. Phillips
  • Mary B. Culbert
  • Hon. Daniel “Mike” Hanlon, ret.
  • Members of the 2010-2010, California State Bar Association Standing Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution

The fiscal agent for Prison of Peace is The Fresno Regional Foundation Many thanks to Dan DeSantis, CEO, and Lori Clanton, Director of Administration, for their support.

To make a tax-deductible donation to Prison of Peace, please send your check payable to the Fresno Regional Foundation fbo Prison of Peace, 5250 N. Palm Avenue, Suite 424, Fresno California 93704.