The Training Curriculum
The curriculum for Prison of Peace follows a customized process for mediation training and restorative justice with an emphasis on developing deep interpersonal communications skills in the inmates. The basic curriculum is:


Essential Problem Solving Skills Workshop Results-Based Listening, Reflecting, and Agreements 1 days
3-4 weeks of follow-up Reinforce and support listening skill development, reading the Emotional Data Field day
Peace Circles Introduction to restorative justice, peace circles, and moral re-engagement 1 day
3-4 weeks of follow-up Peace circles on various topics day
Basic Mediation Skills Teaches basic mediation and peacemaking skills as a third party neutral 3 days
2 weeks of follow-up Reinforce mediation skill development, support practice of mediation day

The EPSS workshop is based on the book People Skills by Robert Bolton and is taught by trainers certified by Ridge Associates in People Skills training. Inmates who will become trainers will become proficient EPSS, Restorative Justice, and Peace Circle trainers.

Program Requirements

Early participants were selected based primarily on length of sentence, with a preference for those serving life without possibility of parole, and quality of answers to a 7 question application. Now that a cadre of inmate trainers has been created, the training is open to all inmates with preference being given only by date of application.

Each participant is required to participate in class, practice the techniques and processes outside of class, write up their experiences and turn in weekly assignments, conduct 5 peace circles, and observe 2 peace circles. If participants continue with the mediation training, they are required to conduct 3 mediations and observe 2 mediations and write up their experiences and observations. All participants work with an inmate mentor/coach.